Time for Gravity Falls theories

First of all I think the reason Stan needed the journals to reopen the portals is because he lost someone.  

Yes I do buy into the twin theory, but I’m not going to talk about right now. 


I’m going to talk about Carla “Hotpants” McCorkle.  Stan’s old girlfriend.  Who it seems he had a somewhat serious relationship with as it lasted at least a decade.  You can see the flashback when he first saves her from a purse snatching as a teen, and then later when they break up as young adults.  We don’t get any other info about Stan and her.  But it is crazy to think their paths crossed again?

The name Carla was shouting out at the end of Gideon’s commercial like someone hadn’t seen her in a long time and was trying to get back in touch.  The cryptogram for The Hand that rocks the Mabel is “Carla, why won’t you call me?”  Yes, why not…. is it because you’re not in this dimension?  Is it?  Of course maybe she’s just a heartbreaker.


And last but not least there’s Carla the game show host.  Who has an eerily similar design to McCorkle.  Coincidence?  In a show that leaves cryptograms and clues?  She can’t be Stan’s Carla since she doesn’t look to be the same age as him.  Unless time travel has interfered.  

I think Carla got mixed up in a time/dimension portal.

Gravity falls headcanon tho

Pacifica’s parents used to make her compete in beauty pageants and that’s why her hair’s so big. Mabel finds out and she asks a million questions about it “like with the sparkly dresses and everything?” And she begs Pacifica to teach her everything. Pacifica used to hate pageants but with Mabel it’s fun. Mabel bedazzels her dress.